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Hallym University selected for Glocal University 30 Project

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Hallym University was designated for the Glocal University project based on the innovative model that the university proposed and excellence of the implementation plan. Ultimately, Hallym University was selected through a strict review process by the Ministry of Education and the Glocal University Council.

Ten universities were appointed for the Glocal University 30 Project. The ten universities are Hallym University, Kangwon National University and Gangneung-Wonju National University, Gyeongsang National University, Pusan National University and Busan National University of Education, Sunchon National University, Andong National University and Gyeongbuk Provincial College, University of Ulsan, Jeonbuk National University, Chungbuk National University and Korea National University of Transportation and Pohang University of Science and Technology. Each university will be given 100 billion won ($75.6 million) for the next five years. They will be mainly using the fund to pursue innovative development through university education, research and community cooperation.

It is considered that final designation results from the efforts of all members to achieve specialization and educational innovation in promising future fields such as SW, AI, data science, medical/bio, and semiconductors under the slogan 'The New Hallym' from the leadership of President Yanghee Choi. Before becoming a glocal university, Hallym University has continuously followed university innovation model of Arizona State University in the United States such as mandatory double major, micro-degree, self-designed convergence major, autonomous change of affiliation, and school system operation.

According to the application that Hallym University handed in for the project, it proposed an innovative model called the “AI Education-Based Creative Talent Development University.” Moreover, it aimed to provide education and do research based on the three major convergence clusters through disassembly and reassembly of university structures, create the ‘K-higher education model’ that develops and operates an AI-based advanced education system, a group intelligence type that cooperates with local communities and industries.

President Yanghee Choi highlighted, “Hallym University pursues a future-oriented growth model, not simply restructuring or merger for survival.” He also added, “The designation for the Glocal University 30 project will be an important milestone in that journey.” He mentioned, “This final selection as a Glocal University was achieved through the unity of Hallym university’s professors, staff, and students, and I am deeply grateful for the passion and dedication shown by each member.”

By Hyunmin Park, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (hmin@hallym.or.kr)

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