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SDU visits Hallym for Medical Robotics Cooperation

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On November 7, the leadership of University of Southern Denmark (SDU) visited Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital for the future cooperation of medical robotics.

This visit was a result of SDU delegates’ desire to visit Hallym. It started from last September where Danish Minister for Senior Citizens and Danish Super Hospital Team had participated. SDU is located on the City of Odense that is famous for robotics research in Denmark. The purpose of their visit is to learn the practical use of the most successful medical robotics’ case in Korea and to seek for further partnership on this matter.

Professor Me Yeon Lee, the Director of Command Center shared her knowledge on Hallym’s medical robots including overall status of medical robots. She also led the hospital tour for the delegation to let them understand the working site where the medical robots are operated with other medical staffs. Furthermore, Hallym Professors shared their knowledge on Hallym’s dental robot system on dental treatment and deep learning based AI solo robotics surgery.

The Danish delegation observed precisely on the medical robots such as ‘Guide Robot’ helping patients find their ways, ‘Delivery Robot’ delivering medicine from ward to ward linked to the elevators, and ‘Purify Robot’ purifying air quality in the hospital.

Jens Ringmose, the Rector of SDU, said, “Odense is suffering from aging population and we are experiencing staff shortage at the same time. We need a new technology to get through this aging issue in the healthcare sector”. He also added, “We visited Hallym to learn Hallym’s professional knowledge, techniques, and skills on operation of medical robots.” He expressed his gratitude for Hallym’s warm welcome.

Director Kyung Ho Yu of Hallym Sacred Heart Hospital said, “Introducing the medical robots into hospitals allows the medical team to have more time for serving patients and fulfill their various demands with advanced knowledge.” He also commented, “We are doing our best to improve robots’ facial expression through designing their eyes. This process is needed for intimate communication between the patients and the robots.”

By Hyuk Joo Lee, Int’l Cooperation Team, HUMC (hyukjoolee@hallym.or.kr)

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