Hallym University Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital

Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine aims to maintain the body’s normal motor functions and pain-free body. It is a clinical department that treats musculoskeletal and nervous system-related diseases, aftereffects, and pain. It is a field that allows a patient with disabilities to live as close to normal as possible by developing mental and social abilities under given conditions.

It covers a wide range of medical fields not only diseases and damage to the musculoskeletal system, but also cardiopulmonary diseases, diseases related to the central and peripheral nervous system, spinal damage and diseases, pediatric diseases and damage, pain treatment, and electrical diagnosis. In the future, the demand for rehabilitation medicine will get higher as the quality of life gets more important.

ㅇ. Specialized Field
Joint contracture at Burn Center (aftereffect after burns), exercise treatment after skin contracture, prosthetic hand for an amputee, prosthetic rehabilitation, injection therapy for onion extract, laser treatment for scars, robotic rehabilitation therapy, virtual reality rehabilitation, motion analysis, pain treatment

ㅇ. Clinic Info.
Burn Rehabilitation Clinic, Amputation Rehabilitation Clinic, Laser Clinic

Weekly Schedule (2024-06-17 ~ 2024-06-22)
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