Hallym University Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital

Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Laboratory Medicine accomplishes all sorts of laboratory activities which perform and interpret laboratory tests, using patients' samples (blood, urine, body fluid, etc.), for diagnosis, prognosis prediction, and treatment evaluation. The department consists of six specific parts: diagnostic hematology for a diagnosis of blood diseases including anemia, and leukemia; clinical chemistry for organ function tests; clinical microbiology for cultivating microorganism from specimen; diagnostic immunology for examinations of immune antibodies; transfusion medicine; cytogenetics; and diagnostic molecular genetics.

With the development of molecular biology and genetics, our medical experts are able to diagnose infectious diseases more accurately and rapidly, helping definite diagnosis of genetic disorders. They are committed to enhancing quality through upgrading their test items to detect diseases and techniques for prognosis.

Weekly Schedule (2024-06-17 ~ 2024-06-22)
The schedule may be subject to change. Please call (+82) 2-2639-5014 before you visit us.